Week 34 – Jekyll Island to Indian Rocks Beach

Day 232 – Jekyll Island to St. Augustine

Sunday morning we packed up the van and kept moving south into Florida, our 41st state on the trip. Our destination for the day was St. Augustine, the oldest European settlement in the U.S. The town is an interesting mix of Spanish colonial buildings and late 19th-century architecture built when the town was blossoming as a tourist resort. We spent a few hours walking around the town center, then we headed a few miles east to our campground in Anastasia State Park on the ocean.

Day 233 – St. Augustine

Monday was mainly a work day from the campground, but we made time for a walk from our campsite to the beach.

Day 234 – St. Augustine to Ocala

Tuesday started with work and lunch from the campground, then we made our way to a hotel in Ocala, basically a stopover night about halfway to our next stop on the Gulf Coast.

Day 235 – Ocala to Indian Rocks Beach

After working through the morning hours, we grabbed a quick lunch near the hotel (more BBQ!), then headed for our destination for the next week, a condo on the Gulf Coast in Indian Rocks Beach, just west of Tampa. We arrived to an unfortunate surprise, the parking area under the condo building was too short for our Westy to fit, so we had to remove our storage box from the roof before we could fit. Once we got settled, we were able to appreciate how awesome the place was, a nice big condo right on the beach. Later that night, Tracey’s parents arrived from Virginia to spend the next several days with us.

Days 236-238  – Indian Rocks Beach

Our first few days in Indian Rocks weren’t exactly the Florida vacation we or Tracey’s parents were hoping for. It was fairly chilly, with a lot of wind and a fair amount of rain, although we really couldn’t complain since everyone north of us, even in Alabama and Georgia, was dealing with a rare snowstorm. We made the best of it and enjoyed time playing games, showing off all of our pictures and generally just relaxing.








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