Week 31 – Charlottesville to Bryson City

Day 211 – Charlottesville to Christiansburg

We started off with another cold morning on Sunday, so we bundled up and packed up the van for a relatively long drive. Along the way, we stopped at Natural Bridge, a historic geologic landmark once owned by Thomas Jefferson. After a nice hike and lunch, we continued on to our destination, Christiansburg.

Day 212 – Christiansburg

Monday was a work/rest day from the hotel.

Day 213 – Christiansburg to Bristol

Tuesday started with work from the hotel, then we made the drive to Bristol to finish up a full work day from the hotel.

Day 214 – Bristol

Another morning of working from the hotel, then we made the short drive to downtown Bristol. In addition to being on the border between Virginia and Tennessee, Bristol is unique because the state line runs right down the middle of the main street through the downtown central area, State Street. So, you can shop in Virginia on one side of the street and then cross the street to shop in Tennessee on the other side. Bristol is also known as the “Birthplace of Country Music” because some of the first recordings of country music were made here, including Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family.

Day 215 – Bristol to Pine Mountain

Thursday was another driving day, so after working from the hotel in the morning, we hit the road. We started at our hotel in Virginia, quickly drove into Tennessee, and then eventually made our way through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky. Not too far past the border we made it to our destination, Pine Mountain State Resort Park.

Day 216 – Pine Mountain

Work in the morning, then we got outside to enjoy a beautiful day in Kentucky.Staying at a lodge inside the park meant there were a lot of hiking trails right outside our front door. We picked a loop that took us to a cool waterfall and then through the surrounding forest. That night, Tracey made a healthy dinner in the van and got to use her Spanish skills to help out some construction workers who needed jumper cables.

Day 217 – Pine Mountain to Bryson City

Saturday morning we left the lodge fairly early to make a relatively long drive to Bryson City. We knew we’d be crossing the Appalachian Trail again, so we stopped where the trail crossed our route and hiked a couple of miles to the border of North Carolina.

This was the second time we’d crossed into a new state on foot (after Bristol), and we realized we’ve crossed state borders in a lot of different ways. Driving on land, crossing over a bridge, crossing over a dam, on a ferry, through a tunnel, on a tow truck, and on foot. We’re trying to think of a unique way to do next!

After our hike, we continued to our hotel just outside of Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Bryson City.






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