Week 24 – Baxter State Park to Acadia National Park

Day 162 – Baxter State Park 

Our original plan for Sunday was to hike to the summit of Maine’s tallest peak, Katahdin. Unfortunately, we had a few issues. Only one trail to the summit was within our comfort zone and we didn’t realize that reservations for a parking spot were required (which we likely wouldn’t have gotten anyway as non-residents). Also, after a really tough hike just seven days ago, neither of us was fully ready for another big climb.

So instead, we ended up doing 2 shorter hikes to waterfalls along the final stretch of the Appalachian Trail. The first hike took us to Katahdin Stream Falls, and while the second led to the Little and Big Niagra Falls.

On our way back to the campground, we ate a late lunch on the shore of Togue Pond just outside the park. Then, we headed back to enjoy the views of Millinocket Lake from our campsite on the shore. Around dinner, another Westy pulled into the campground, owned by a really great guy from NH who was going to be summiting Katahdin the next day.

Day 163 – Baxter State Park to Long Lake

Monday morning we packed up and hit the road, searching for a good spot with 4G coverage for Michael to connect and get to work, ending up in Patten. Along the way, we saw a lot of signs saying “National Park NO” on the way, turns our there is a bit of debate about a gift of 88,000 acres in that area being turned into a park.

After lunch, we continued the very pretty drive up Route 11 scenic byway to our hotel on Long Lake.

Day 164 – Long Lake 

Tuesday was a work/rest day from our hotel.

Day 165 – Long Lake to Greenland Cove 

Another morning of work from the hotel, then a drive to Presque Isle for lunch and grocery shopping (and more work). Later in the afternoon, we continued to the Greenland Cove campground, where we were the only people in the entire campground. We chose a beautiful spot right on East Grand Lake. After dinner, we were treated to a nice sunset and then a huge thunderstorm passing by over 50 miles away, which was a really incredible sight to see.

Also, this week we will be trying out some new recipes, tonight was  One Skillet Beef Meatballs with Rice and Peas. Pretty tasty!

Day 166 – Greenland Cove 

With a perfect spot on the lake and great wi-fi, we spent the work day at the campground. Unlike the day before, the weather turned super windy as a cold front came in. Even with the much colder temperatures, it was still a really beautiful day.

Tonight’s new recipe, great for fall – Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Apples and Brussel Sprouts. Yum!

Day 167 – Greenland Cove to Acadia

With a long day of driving and lots to see, Michael only worked a couple of hours before we hit the road and headed to see the Atlantic coast for the first time on this trip. First, we stopped to see the Reversing Falls, a narrow area where the effects of the huge tides in this area (which is connected to the Bay of Fundy) create a strong rapid that flows in opposite directions depending on whether the tide is coming in or out. We ate lunch there, then continued east, all the way to the easternmost point in the U.S., Quoddy Head State Park.

Heading further south, we finally made it to our destination just outside Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.

Day 168 – Acadia

Saturday morning we started off with a drive around a portion of the Loop Road inside of Acadia. After a few quick stops, we parked and walked along the Shore Path to the trailhead for the Gotham Mountain hike, which gave us a great view of the east side of the island. After the morning hike, the crowds got larger, so we headed to the “quiet side” of the island, making a few more stops before reaching the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Finally, we headed back to the campground. Since we had a little daylight left, we took a short walk from our site to the shore of Somes Sound.

Yet another new dinner, spanish rice with chorizo. Another really good one, especially for winter since it has some spice to it. Tracey also found some excellent chorizo, which probably helped.

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