Zürich – December 2016

After our trip through Germany, we drove to Switzerland for a two-day stay in Zürich. We got lucky on our first day, as we arrived just before sunset on a very clear day, so we were able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Alps from the shores of Lake Zürich, just two blocks from our hotel. We visited yet another Christmas market, before retiring for the night. The next day, we weren’t quite so lucky with the weather, but we explored the city center and the Old Town across the river. This definitely wasn’t Tracey’s favorite city, and it was by far the most expensive place we visited since leaving Iceland, but we still had a great time, especially since we had two free nights in a five-star hotel that would have cost us about $1200 if we actually paid for it (when we tell you guys to take advantage of credit card bonuses, this is what we are talking about!).

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