Week 37 – Lakeland to Atlanta

Day 253 – Lakeland to Gainesville

Sunday was the beginning of a long week of driving to get out of Florida and all the way to Atlanta. It was also Christmas Eve! We had a lazy morning at hotel, then we drove to the campground, making a quick stop at Jo Anns to pick up more yarn for the Trail Blazer blanket Tracey is working on. We got a propane fill-up, Tracey did the laundry, then we settled in to watch Christmas movies in the van.

Day 254 – Gainesville

Christmas! While Michael worked a couple of hours, we mostly stayed warm and cozy inside the van watching Christmas movies and eating way too much holiday junk food.

Day 255 – Gainesville to Tifton

Tuesday we continued our drive north, so another day of working in the morning, then hitting the road. We made it out of Florida and back into Georgia, so we were making progress.

Day 256 – Tifton to Macon

Work and driving, continuing north to Macon.

Day 257 – Macon

We originally planned to visit Macon, but we decided on staying at the hotel to get in a full day of uninterrupted work and some rest.

Day 258 – Macon to Atlanta

After work in the morning, another drive to finally get to our next major destination, Atlanta. After checking in and doing a bit more work, we took a short walk to an excellent restaurant just a few blocks down Peachtree Street.

Day 259 – Atlanta

Saturday we had all day to explore downtown Atlanta. That meant we had time to not only walk several miles though the city, but we also had time to stop in at the Happy Tabby Cat Cafe for an hour of playtime with a whole room full of friendly kitties. We visited the Martin Luther King National Historical Site, which included his birthplace and the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. Very powerful place to visit considering what’s been going on this year.

After taking in the MLK sites, it was time for some food, so we went to Crazy Atlanta and had a very tasty street-food-style lunch. Then we did some more walking around downtown, stopping by the Centennial Olympic Park (which was largely closed off in preparation for the 2018 College Football Championship). Then we returned to the hotel to warm-up a bit and then take a quick nap so we’d be rested for our second Blazers game of the season. Before the game, we swung through the CNN Center to eat Chick-Fil-A (which was founded just outside the city), then we walked straight into Phillips Arena for the game. Unfortunately, the Blazers lost, but we had a good time anyway.






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