Week 29 – Cape May to Clifton, VA

Day 197 – Cape May to Rehobeth Beach

Our plan for Sunday was to take our first ferry ride of the trip, taking the boat from Cape May to Lewes, Delaware. The ride was a little rough, as the weather had turned bad again overnight. We survived the hour-and-a-half journey without getting too seasick, but the rain got worse and worse as the afternoon went on. We stopped at an outlet mall to get out of the wet for a bit, then we had no choice but to go back out into the weather to our final destination for the day, Delaware Seashore State Campground.

Day 198 – Rehobeth Beach

Monday morning the rain finally stopped, but the strong winds continued into the afternoon. We stayed in the van and got some work done, waiting until the weather finally improved enough for us to venture out into the campground. We took the short walk to the beach and watched some surfers trying to tame the small waves, then strolled along the small inlet into the bay.

Day 199 – Rehobeth Beach to Annapolis

Tuesday started off with work from the campground, then we hit the road and drove to our hotel in Annapolis, Maryland. Tracey walked around while Michael finished working, then we enjoyed a relaxing (and dry) evening.

Day 200 – Annapolis

We started off working from the hotel, then afterwards we drove into downtown Annapolis to explore all the historic buildings and the harbor area. We got to see the U.S. Naval Academy, the Maryland State House (the country’s oldest legislative building still in use, and also where George Washington resigned his commission as General of the Army). We also enjoyed dinner at the Federal House.

Day 201 – Annapolis to Clifton

Another morning of work from the hotel (and a delicious lunch at Chick-Fil-A), then we left Maryland to drive through Washington D.C. and on to Tracey’s parents house in Clifton, VA. While Michael finished work, Tracey started a mass cleaning of the van, emptying out just about everything, vacuuming several states worth of dirt and dust, washed floors, the works. Tracey’s dad started waxing and making her shine like new!

Day 202 – Clifton

Friday was another day of work for Michel and cleaning out the van for Tracey, with help from her parents. Friday evening we headed to the Reston Town Center to eat dinner with Tracey’s high school friends, Natalie & Brian.

Day 203 – Clifton

Saturday we enjoyed time with Tracey’s parents, then drove a little further west to spend the night with Tracey’s brother TJ and his family. We had a fun night running around the house with their two boys, eating chicken wings and playing card games.










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