Our first trip in RC the Westy – Silver Falls and Detroit Lake

After a couple of weekends of hard work on our new Westy, it was ready for us to take it out for a weekend of fun and adventure. Since this was kind of a practice trip, we stayed fairly close to home and spent the first night in Silver Falls State Park. Along the way, we went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival for a nice dose of spring color. We also stopped by the Mt. Angel Abbey and had lunch at the Glockenspiel Restaurant before heading on to the campground.

After a cold first night, we got up early the next morning and did a 9-mile trail run on the Trail of Ten Falls. We only saw two other people in the entire canyon, so we had the trail and all the waterfalls to ourselves. It was amazing. We cooked a hearty breakfast and then hit the road, driving to Detroit Lake to spend the afternoon relaxing and walking along the lakeshore. We solved our heating problem and had a warm, snuggly night in the newly christened “RC”. On our way home, we tried a small back road that ended up still being completely snowed in about 16 miles up into the foothills. We turned around and headed back to lower altitudes for a leisurely drive home through the valley.

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