Week 7 – Monticello to Capitol Reef

Day 43 – Monticello

Sunday started off a week of some serious hiking in Utah. Our first day brought us to Canyonlands National Park, which is huge… so huge that it is divided into three districts. We visited the Needles district first, but first stopped at Newspaper Rock, one of the largest known collections of petroglyphs. After a quick stop, we were surprised when RC didn’t start…same symptoms as in Death Valley. This time, Michael was determined to find the loose wire himself so we wouldn’t have another long tow for such a simple issue. Wishing he had researched the issue more when there was internet service (because there wasn’t any at Newspaper Rock), he climbed under the van and came out with a hopeful look in his eye. The van came back to life and we continued on our journey with just a minor delay instead of a major ordeal.

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Week 6 – Pagosa Springs to Monticello

Day 36 – Pagosa Springs

We started out early on Sunday morning to do one of Michael’s family’s favorite hikes from when they lived in Pagosa, the trail to Four Mile Falls. We were the first people at the trailhead, but were quickly followed by a group from Denver. That turned out to be a good thing, because we lost the trail a couple of times due to dozens of downed trees and having a group of people to search for it turned out to be helpful. We finally found our way to the falls, which were flowing strong. We had better luck keeping to the trail on the way back, and enjoyed perfect weather and amazing scenery.

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Week 5 – Wichita Falls to Pagosa Springs

Day 29- Amarillo

We took a slightly longer route to Amarillo so we could drive through Oklahoma for a bit. There’s not a whole lot to this part of Oklahoma, and it was pushing 95 degrees so it wasn’t our favorite part of the trip. Before getting to Amarillo, Tracey found the VW Slug Bug Ranch, which is a VW version of the famous Cadillac Ranch on I-40 (Route 66) west of town. No visit to Amarillo is complete with stopping at the Big Texan Restaurant and having a steak dinner, so we did, but did not take on the famous free 72oz steak challenge. After dinner, we stopped for groceries and then found our way to the RV Oasis Resort for the night.

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Weeks 3&4 – Grand Canyon to Wichita Falls

Day 15 – Grand Canyon

Sunday morning we got up early to hike (some of) the South Kaibab trail down into the canyon. We were excited to see it from a different perspective, and it was well worth the effort. We hiked a little over 3 miles down to Skeleton Point, which sits about 2200 feet below the rim. This part of the hike was very pleasant, as it was still cool, not very crowded and all downhill. The hike back up was a little more difficult to say the least, but after fighting the heat and the steep trail, we made it back to the top. After recovering from the hike back at RC, we returned to the canyon for another amazing sunset.

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Week 2 – Death Valley to Grand Canyon

Day 8 – Death Valley to Pahrump (via tow truck!)

The day started off at Badwater Basin, elevation of 282 below sea level.  The next stop was the Natural Bridge trail. From there we were going to continue working our way out of Death Valley making a few stops, but with the breakdown, that plan was scrapped and we just enjoyed the tow straight to Pahrump. We checked into the Saddle West Hotel  which was conveniently located right across the street from where the van was towed to, and wasn’t going to break the bank (since this was an unplanned hotel stop).

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The first breakdown

Our second day in Death Valley, we started off at Badwater Basin with the intention of working our way back to Furnace Creek stopping at various points of interest on the way.  We made it to the second stop, the Natural Bridge, went for a short, scenic hike and then went back to the van to head to the next stop. Except, the van wouldn’t start! The battery wasn’t dead but the engine just wouldn’t turn over.

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Week 1 – Portland to Death Valley

Day 1 – Portland to Tumalo State Park

Easter Sunday morning we left Portland and made our way south towards Bend (with a stop in Madras to watch the Blazers playoff game!). We stayed at the Tumalo State Park Campground, which was just outside of Bend. A great park with a small river and canyon running through it. The abundance of rain was very noticeable based on the picnic table that we saw in the middle of the river…guess the river is a bit higher than it normally is supposed to be!

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Our next big adventure

And we’re off! Today, Michael and I embarked on our one-year dream adventure. The house is emptied out and rented, the cats have been dropped off at their “foster” family and the Westy is packed with everything (and likely more) that we’ll need .

Our goals/expectations for the trip are simple and realistic: see a lot of the prettiest parts of the US, knowing that a year just isn’t enough to see everything.

Below is a map of our tentative route.  (or if it’s taking too long to load, you can click here).

The one-year anniversary: RC the Westy

Last year, on February 11, when Michael and I drove home our beloved Volkswagen Westfalia (well, Michael drove it, I followed behind in our other car!)  we had no idea what sort of amazing adventures this van would open up for us. In less than 12 months, we’ve already taken several amazing road trips that we will never forget, and we are just getting started!

A lot has happened in the past year with the Westy, now officially named “RC” (which stands for Rip City, a Blazers-related nickname for Portland that was coined by sports radio legend Bill Schonley). Below is just a quick recap of our journeys so far:

Miles driven:  3,602

States visited: 5

  • Oregon
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Montana

National Parks visited: 4

AAA tows: 1

When there is gas leaking from your van, not worth the risk…AAA to the rescue!


  • Scrubbed down the pop-top to get rid of mold and replaced the torn canvas tent 

  • Replaced the propane tank

  • Front end suspension
  • New fuel lines
  • Gas tank
  • Changed from 14’ to 15” wheels 
  • Replaced brown carpet with laminate flooring 

  • Got a new sliding door panel and added a map

  • Made various different vinyl stickers

And that was just with the Westy. (see our other posts on other adventures in 2016……biggest one, getting married!)  

So it’s only fitting (and actually turned to be a complete coincidence) that on the 1 year anniversary of buying RC, we would be embarking on what we’re considering a trial-run road trip, before our BIG trip starting in April (more on that in a later post).

We’ve planned a 2 week drive down and then back up the Oregon Coast in mid-February, aiming to take it nice and slow – averaging no more than 50 miles a day.  Our goal, aside from enjoying the beauty of the coast, is to make sure that everything with RC is functioning and to figure out storage and set up intricacies (is there really enough room for me to bring 4 pairs of shoes? If there is, I’ll find a way!)