Author: Michael

Munich – December 2016

The final leg of our journey took us from Innsbruck to Munich. Once again, we chose an amazing scenic route, this time through the Alps over Fernpass to two castles, Hohenschwangau castle and Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the most famous castles in Europe and the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the Disney Resorts (and […]

Innsbruck – December 2016

We left Zürich and drove the A3 motorway to Innsbruck, Austria. We chose the scenic route, but we had no idea just how scenic it would end up being. It was probably the most beautiful drive we’ve ever done, it seemed like another picture postcard view was around every corner…at least when we weren’t in […]

Zürich – December 2016

After our trip through Germany, we drove to Switzerland for a two-day stay in Zürich. We got lucky on our first day, as we arrived just before sunset on a very clear day, so we were able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Alps from the shores of Lake Zürich, just two blocks from […]

Germany – November/December 2016

We left Brussels on another high-speed train to Cologne, Germany, where we made a quick stop to visit the awesome Cologne Cathedral and the surrounding Christmas market. In Cologne, we picked up our rental car so we could explore Germany at our own speed. We followed the Rhine River through the middle Rhine valley, where […]

Brussels/Bruges – November 2016

After three days in Amsterdam, we took a high-speed train to Brussels, where we stayed downtown near a huge Christmas market (the first of several on our trip). Brussels is not quite as charming as Amsterdam, but there are a lot of beautiful buildings and the market was fantastic. There were also two different light […]

Amsterdam – November 2016

Our first stop in mainland Europe (after an incredible four days in Iceland) was Amsterdam. Without a doubt, it is one of the most charming and beautiful cities in the world. We walked all over the city, logging over 30 miles during our time there. We spent most of our time wandering around and exploring […]

Iceland – November 2016

The first stop on our honeymoon was Iceland, and it was unforgettable. The weather was beautiful and not nearly as cold as we thought it would be. We flew into Keflavik around 7am, rented a car and drove into Reykjavik. After a quick nap, we explored the city and enjoyed an excellent dinner. The next […]

Bogotà, Colombia – September/October 2016

It had been over six months since Tracey’s last work trip, but in September she was asked to visit Bogotà, Colombia to help with an audit. I was able to tag along, and we spent two weeks working and exploring the city. Bogotà is a wonderful city, with excellent restaurants and tons of history. We […]