Week 27 – Plymouth to Mahanoy City, PA

Day 183 – Plymouth

One of the things we’ve enjoyed most about the trip is exploring historical sites, so it was a real treat Sunday morning to visit Plymouth, MA, one of the first European settlements in the United States. First we had to visit Plymouth Rock, then we planned to check out the replica of the Mayflower ship, but unfortunately, it was in for repairs. Next we walked around the historic town center, and up to the top of Burial Hill, where some of the original Pilgrims were buried in the late 1600s.

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Week 25 – Acadia National Park to Neversink, NY

Day 169 – Acadia

We woke up Sunday morning to blue skies, a perfect day to explore more of Acadia National Park. We started with a steep but relatively short hike up the southeast ridge trail of Pemetic Mountain, then down the northwest ridge to complete the loop through The Bubbles and down the west side of Jordan Pond.

After the hikes, we returned to the campground for a late lunch and a little rest. Then we got cleaned up for an evening in Bar Harbor, where we explored the town and had a nice seafood dinner.

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Week 24 – Baxter State Park to Acadia National Park

Day 162 – Baxter State Park 

Our original plan for Sunday was to hike to the summit of Maine’s tallest peak, Katahdin. Unfortunately, we had a few issues. Only one trail to the summit was within our comfort zone and we didn’t realize that reservations for a parking spot were required (which we likely wouldn’t have gotten anyway as non-residents). Also, after a really tough hike just seven days ago, neither of us was fully ready for another big climb.

So instead, we ended up doing 2 shorter hikes to waterfalls along the final stretch of the Appalachian Trail. The first hike took us to Katahdin Stream Falls, and while the second led to the Little and Big Niagra Falls.

On our way back to the campground, we ate a late lunch on the shore of Togue Pond just outside the park. Then, we headed back to enjoy the views of Millinocket Lake from our campsite on the shore. Around dinner, another Westy pulled into the campground, owned by a really great guy from NH who was going to be summiting Katahdin the next day.

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